Best restaurants in Marbella

The name Marbella means beautiful sea. Marbella is a paradise that is located in the southern part of Spain. It is set very close to the Sierra Blanca Mountain which is considered to be the heart of Costa del Sol. Marbella has a lavish sixteen-mile coastline that houses some of the best beaches in the world.  The native Marbella cuisine offers the best and fresh seafood that is considered to be one of the best. On the contrary, there are a few restaurants in the Andalusian city that offer international flavors as well. Here are some of the best restaurants in Marbella.

Dani Garcia

The Dani Garcia is a restaurant in the whole Marbella to recently hold a Michelin star. Dani Garcia is one of the most important dining destinations in Marbella. The dishes prepared by Chef Dani Garcia have Andalusian influence which is considered to be one most innovative ways of all time. The menu has dishes like spider crab in batter, false pine nut pasta, and duck royal.

Dani Garcia


Skina is a restaurant that once had a Michelin star. It is situated in the Old Quarter of Marbella. Skina is known for offering food with traditional flavors. They mostly use the items from the local market. The dishes served at Skina have a Mediterranean touch to it. Some of the special dishes served in the restaurant include Red tuna tartar, dry squid rice, and roasted pigeon. They also have a wide range of wine from which the customers can choose from.


Messina is a restaurant that has one Michelin star to its name. Messina is a blend of flavors from South America, Asia, and home country. The menu has dishes like sea urchin, Marbella skate and Malaga baby goat. Messina is known for coming up with some innovative recipes. It is very famous for the amazing desserts that they serve. If you are a person who loves to experiment with food Messina would be the ideal choice.

El Lago

El Lago is located on the famous Greenlife Golf Club. El Lago got a Michelin Star for its blend of the regional and international cooking styles. The view of the widespread golf course provides the perfect atmosphere to have a wholesome meal. El Lago offers two types of menu. They are the gourmet tasting menu and the classic tasting menu. The gourmet tasting menu includes red kind prawns, local veal steak and Iberian pork loin. The classic tasting menu includes dishes such as marinated chicken breast, grilled octopus and cold roasted tomato.

El Lago

Paco Jimenez

The Paco Jimenez is one of the famous among the locals. Chef Paco Jimenez considered the restaurant as a tribute to his country. He was born in Sevilla and was raised in Malaga. His fondness and interest in Spanish cuisine reflect a lot on the menu. The menu features seafood dishes like saffron scented loin and tulip filled crab. It also has meat dishes like crusted rack of lamb and duck confit.